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We want to highlight as many remarkable things that are happening across the Gallaudet community as possible. 

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We encourage you to submit any interesting highlights, no matter how minor or significant you feel it may be! Whether you’d like to share a personal accomplishment, a milestone, academic work or you want to recognize a faculty member’s work, a community service project, or an internship/work experience, we want to know about it!

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  • When sharing your story, please include why you think the story is interesting and any pertinent details that would be helpful for our consideration. Your story can be written formally or informally - whatever is most efficient for you!
  • DISCLAIMER: By submitting the following story to Gallaudet University, you grant your permission for the University to use this story in promotional and/or marketing materials. Not all submissions will be selected for inclusion. Your submission may be edited for length or content. You also agree that you own the rights to the images and/or documents you have attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will GallyShare benefit the Gallaudet community?

GallyShare helps enhance communication across the entire Gallaudet community, by easing the acquisition and sharing of important stories happening around campus. The tool is a content repository, which will provide university stakeholders, from faculty and students, to parents and alumni, with the ability to seamlessly submit news, which can then be leveraged by the Government Relations, Communications, and Admissions departments.

Where will submissions be published?

Submissions could be shared across a wide-range of mediums, including, but not limited to, the GU website, Daily Digest, Gallaudet Today Magazine, social media channels, & newsletters. Stories can also be used by the University for promotional and/or marketing materials, in outreach to reporters, and in advancing Gallaudet’s legislative agenda.


What do you mean by my story?

Your story can be about anything happening across the university or happening in your life as a Gallaudet community member that you believe is interesting. Examples of stories can include but are not limited to:

  • Personal accomplishments
  • Milestones
  • Academic work
  • Events happening on or off campus
  • Faculty member work
  • Internships
  • Career achievements
  • Successes by a fellow Gallaudet community member
  • Community service
  • Extracurriculars
Who can submit stories to GallyShare?

GallyShare is a tool that was created for all members of the Gallaudet community to utilize. We encourage students, faculty, staff, parents, alumni, community supporters, and any other external University stakeholders to submit stories to GallyShare.

How can I submit a story?

Stories can be submitted by visiting and either typing their story or creating a vlog in ASL. Additionally, individuals will be able to provide supporting documents/images to their story, if desired.

How will someone know if the story they submitted is received?

After an individual submits a story to GallyShare, he or she will receive an email from the University confirming that their submission has been received. Our team will review their submission. If we have any questions before determining how to best share their story, we’ll reach out to that individual.

Who will review and determine if a submission is complete?

A member from the Office of University Communications will receive and provide an initial review of all submissions. Following an initial review, the submission will be archived or sent to the department that best matches the content. Each department is responsible for determining how to best leverage the story.

What types of stories are appropriate to submit to GallyShare?

No story is too big or too small to be shared through GallyShare. Individuals are encouraged to submit stories that they believe the University would be interested in showcasing to the public. These stories can focus on a wide-range of topics, including, but not limited to, on-campus life, academic work, research, service, student achievements, deaf culture, events, athletics, extracurriculars, internships, careers, milestones, and alumni. Individuals must also be comfortable with the story they share being made public. When submitting a story, an individual will grant their permission for the University to use the story for promotional and/or marketing materials.

Will all submissions be published?

The University will review each individual submission before determining whether or not to share the submission with appropriate department(s). Upon initial review, if a submission is deemed inappropriate or irrelevant, that submission will be archived and will not be shared with any department throughout the school community. Additionally, not all submissions that are shared with a department will be shared with the larger Gallaudet University community.

Will a submission be edited by the University?

Yes, submissions may be edited for length or content.