Gallaudet does what works for you.

Study, Learn, Work, Interact
 Your Way

Come and Visit Gallaudet, Your Way!

See how your Gallaudet experience will look like in Fall 2020, we are bringing Gallaudet to YOU!

You’ve worked hard throughout your educational journey, especially with the shifting to virtual learning environments. Your adventure is just beginning and we are excited to do Gallaudet your way! With Gallaudet, you will get one of the most immersive and the best virtual experience in public education. Your classes, peers, and professors will be innovative with hand-on/face to face learning and our advancements with virtual learning technology. Gallaudet is where you will make lasting memories and discover yourself in ways you never imagined. By visiting this site, you belong to a network that welcomes you home with over 1,600 deaf, hearing, and hard of hearing graduates, undergraduates, and professionals virtually, now and upon graduation!

Face-to-Face Classroom​

You will learn face-to-face with your classmates and professors.

Direct Communication

The freedom to communicate easily with everyone around you - without barriers - will change your life.

Vibrant Student Life

Our students are committed to the Bison spirit. Clubs and Organizations will be online!

Support Services

From career advice to emotional support, Gallaudet has the resources you need to succeed.

Community of Peers

Build a support network with your peers to navigate the college experience!

8:1 Student-Faculty Ratio

You will receive a personalized and enhanced education with professors you can meet with any time, any way, anywhere.

Bilingual Education

Our faculty are busier than ever this summer, developing curricula and materials that will continue to bring the bilingual experience online.

Gallaudet: Your way

Get the education you deserve, without sacrificing the collegiate experience.

Live, Study, and Interact Virtually 24/7

What makes your virtual experience stand out?

Whenever you are a new, emerging, or fluent signer, you’ll receive a full and comprehensive academic experience without any communication compromises.

We are the world’s only University where all students live and learn in American Sign Language and English.

As such, we are committed to delivering the same experience to you, wherever you are. 

Of our student body…

…⅓ are from mainstream programs.

…⅓ are from deaf schools.

…⅓ transferred from other colleges.

Whatever your culture, language, ethnicity, or gender, you are welcome here!

Our faculty members are actively preparing for teaching remotely. Training in quality assurance for online instruction from Quality Matters, the leading global organization.

Our Learning Management System, Blackboard, allows you to engage in discussions with classmates, and post your assignments.Combined with constant face-to-face contact via Zoom, learning virtually is a breeze!

Wherever you are, we are downsizing our virtual class sizes for effective learning and bringing you the same bilingual approach.

We will continue to find opportunities for our campus community to connect with one another and with Gallaudet. This plays an important role in broadening your college experience.

Here at Gallaudet, you will discover:

  • Active student clubs and organizations online
  • A vast number of campus job opportunities from home
  • More than 1,600 deaf, hearing and hard of hearing graduate & undergraduate students who are excited to welcome you
  • Over 25 post-graduate programs at the certificate, master’s, specialist and doctoral levels
  • Exciting opportunities to learn from faculty with rich expertise in their disciplines
  • Multiple research centers generating new knowledge about deaf and hard of hearing populations
  • Cross-registration available via the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area

Join us this fall and make this experience YOURS!

We will work with you AND for you to ensure that your courses are accessible.

  • Our professors and interpreters are dedicated to providing access to all of our deaf and hard of hearing students, whatever their needs may be.
  • You will benefit from the expertise of our accessibility staff particularly from their extensive knowledge on deaf-related access needs.
  • Requesting accommodations at Gallaudet is much easier and more streamlined than you will experience at other universities.

You won’t experience the same dedication to accessibility and accommodation at another college. 

We offer up to $80,000 in scholarships per student. 

Fall 2020 room and board costs will be waived until it is safe to return to campus. 

Our Financial Aid staff are committed to working with you, whatever your financial situation. 

If you and your family were financially impacted by COVID-19, additional financial aid may be provided.

Concerned about how to cope with the pressures of college in the midst of a pandemic? Struggling with the realities of self-quarantine? Our academic and career advisors, student success coaches, and peer mentors will be there for you.

  • Our academic and career advisors will work with you to plan out your course load according to YOUR schedule and career goals.
  • Peer coaches are standing by to offer strategies for success that work for you. Learn and study your way.
  • You will connect with peer mentors who are currently preparing to bring New Student Orientation to you virtually this summer.
  • Our Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) will readily provide you with the resources you need

We will continue to deliver the best remote learning experience possible as we take a phased approach to restoring our community on campus. 

We recognize that different operations and activities may sequence through these phases in different ways and at a different pace, depending on many variables. 

The approach we are using is consistent with what public health officials and health departments are requiring of institutions like ours: we must be able to be flexible and adaptive in response to this complex virus that is creating uncertainty for all of us.

Our Gallaudet community will continue remote working, teaching and learning operations in Fall 2020.

Gallaudet has over 22,000 alumnus for you to connect with and join!

See some of our proud alumnus and their success!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here for you – whether you want to know more about student life or to discuss your financial plan for college, we are ready to help. Feel free to contact us anytime.


We understand that the coronavirus pandemic has made drastic impacts on many people’s ability to work. We encourage you to contact a financial aid representative with these concerns. If you have already received your financial aid package, the Financial Aid Office will re-evaluate your situation and provide additional aid if warranted. They can be reached at

Yes, Gallaudet Admissions will honor any changes to the curriculum that are made by your school. Your guidance counselor and/or school will need to share the new changes when they submit the final transcript with the Office of Admissions and Outreach.

Yes. Test reports displaying college readiness are required; however, we have alternative testing available at no cost to you. For more information about alternative testing, please contact

A virtual campus tour is available here

This can give you a better feel for the classrooms, dorms, and other hotspots on campus. Also, your Admissions Counselor will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Undergraduate Admissions will take a holistic approach to the admissions process. We encourage you to include in your application any supplemental materials (a portfolio, for example) that may be a better representation of you as a student. We understand students are dealing with significant disruptions to their education this year and will consider this during application review.

Yes, you may defer your acceptance for up to one year. Please communicate with your admissions counselor if you would like to have your admission deferred to Spring 2021 or Fall 2021.

Yes and No. Financial aid awards from Gallaudet University include two types of aid: merit-based scholarships and need-based financial aid (grants, loans, or work-study). Merit-based aid will remain the same every year, even if you choose to defer. Need-based aid will be re-evaluated every year to address each family’s financial situation.

In compliance with federal law, Gallaudet requires that final/official transcripts be sent to Undergraduate Admissions before the start of your first semester at Gallaudet. If your school is already closed, please let your admissions counselor know so that they can work toward a solution with you.

The enrollment fee is non-refundable. However, we are committed to helping our students financially whenever possible. To that end, the $200 enrollment fee will be credited to your first-semester bill when you register for Fall 2020. 

No, we will not charge room and board fees unless it becomes possible for our students to return to campus. Future room and board charges will be calculated based on the number of weeks students are able to live on campus.

Gallaudet University’s Office for Students with Disabilities (OSWD) continues to work with each student and faculty to ensure that effective accommodations are met and to ensure access. For more information, please go to OSWD’s website (found here) or email for more information and assistance. 

Yes, absolutely! Use the live chat to initiate contact with an admissions counselor between 8:00 am-6:00 pm ET or text us anytime at (202) 751-4424.

Graduate School

Absolutely! Please contact the graduate program for which you are applying and they will discuss ASLPI alternatives with you.

No. You will not be required to move to the DC area to complete your 2020 fall studies.

Yes! Our Graduate Admissions Counselor is ready to assist you! You can contact Heidi Zornes-Foster via email ( or send her a text at (202) 751-3131.

Yes! Many graduate school departments offer students assistance in the form of tuition scholarships and/or tuition assistantships. We also offer financial aid (FAFSA) and other award packages.

About Gallaudet

We are the world’s only University designed to be barrier-free for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. Gallaudet University is a diverse and eclectic community. Students, staff and faculty from all 50 states and almost 100 countries have found a home here. We are richer for the diverse perspectives and experiences that make up the Gallaudet community.

Gallaudet has so much to offer, including 40 undergraduate majors, over 25 masters, specialist, doctoral and graduate certificate programs, 18 research labs, and so much more.

Your future starts here. 

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